Be the star of the neighborhood.

We carry a wide range of pool enhancement features and equipment that will give you a variety of options to upgrade. Everything to keep your pool beautiful and show your personal style.

Swimming Pool Equipment

Hayward Pool products include a complete line of technologically advanced pumpsfiltersheatersautomatic pool cleanerslightingcontrols and salt chlorine generators — high-quality components engineered to work together to keep your pool at its best.

Features & Options

Deck Jet 500

The Deck Jet 500 creates an arching stream from the deck to the pool whose flow and direction are simple to adjust without tools. This popular add-on pool feature is designed to add aesthetics and visual interest to any swimming pool. It sprays water in a unique pattern and can create an attractive display in or around a pool.

Water Feature Walls

Water feature walls are a popular addition to pools. New pool owners love the aesthetic appeal of a well designed wall, plus it also provides a stunning backdrop for the pool. They are also great for relaxation, with the sound of falling water, making the pool area a peaceful place to unwind.  In some cases, a water feature wall can provide the added benefit of privacy to the pool area, helping to block the view of neighboring properties. Finally, many may realize an increased property value to the overall value of a property.


Many pool owners like to add a waterfall feature to their luxurious fiberglass swimming pool. In addition to some of the same benefits as many water feature walls, like aesthetics and relaxation, a waterfall can provide a soothing massage from the flow of water. Another added benefit is increased humidity, creating a more comfortable environment, especially during hot and dry Florida summer months.